At the Airport


Please plan to arrive early as new protocols and pre-screening processes have been put into place. Plan to arrive 1.5 to 2 hours prior for domestic and 2.5 to 3 hours prior for international departures. 

A face covering is required at all times inside the airport. All airport employees are wearing face coverings as well.

Reminder: Updated face mask requirements

Transport Canada requires that guests who are unable to wear a face mask due to a medical condition are required to present an official medical note from a physician specifying this exception or they will be denied boarding.

The medical note must:

  • Be issued by a medical professional;
  • Be on official letterhead;
  • Be dated; and
  • Clearly state the guest’s name and that they have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask.

Please note that as per The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), face shields are not suitable replacements for a face covering and must be worn in conjunction with a face covering.

Travellers presenting any variation of a Face Mask Medical Exemption Card are still required to produce a medical certificate. This card is not issued by a government agency and not accepted for travel.

Some of the new airport cleaning protocols. These include:

  • An air quality monitoring station, which provides information on each terminal's air quality and flow.
  • In the check-in area, cleaners are assigned to clean the check-in counters and baggage drops throughout the day. Additionally, baggage carts are sanitized before each use.
  • At security, lanes are cleaned a few times a day and bin cleaning is available after every use.
  • The terminal area after security is cleaned using fogging technology multiple times a day, as well as light dusting and wiping down, with a deep clean being done every night.
  • Some airports have autonomous cleaners are present throughout the terminal to keep floors clean and disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout all Terminals.
  • Some airport terminals have shut off all water fountains, so you will be hard-pressed to fill your reusable bottle and instead you will need to either purchase a bottle of water OR wait until you board the plane.



Once inside the terminal, each airline has set up their check-in kiosks to promote social distancing. For some airlines this means turning off every other screen, others have physically moved the kiosks. In terms of check-in counters, every other one is closed and the ones that are open have been outfitted with plexi-glass. 

On the floor, social distancing markers have been placed wherever lines form to guide travellers on where to stand as they wait.



At some airports, CATSA personnel (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) will be taking passengers' temperatures before they enter the security line. From there, boarding card scans are now self-service and as all other lines in the airport, physical distancing is managed through floor markers and signage. Additionally, there is hand sanitizer available before and after security.

Your temperature could be rechecked when entering the final area for passengers.


After Security

Everyday more shops and restaurants are opening. Check out your specific airport website to see what products and services are available. 


Airport Protocols

For Canadian Airports and International Airports cleaning protocols, click here.