Travel Well – 2023 Packing Tips

April 04, 2023

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure in 2023 it’s important that you up your packing game.   With checked baggage fees, lengthy bag check line wait times, an increase in lost baggage and limited overhead bin space you will need to weigh the pros and cons of travelling with a checked bag or only with a carry on. 

Whatever you choose, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the luggage space you have. 

Work Out How Much Stuff Your Luggage Can Hold

Do you utilize every bit of real estate in your carry-on?  Consider expanding the bag, filling it to the brim and then zip the expanded part back up – it’s like a fancy vacuum bag for your essentials.

Try Vacuum Bags For Your Dirty Laundry 

Pack an extra-large vacuum storage bag as a laundry bag!  As your vacation clothes become soiled place them in the bag, then roll all of the air out at the end of your trip.  You may even have extra space for souvenirs on the way home this way!

Use Every Corner of Your Suitcase 

What do you pack in the space between your suitcase handles?  Consider placing socks, underwear or other small items between the bars topped up with your packing cubes.   Another great place for small items or anything breakable is inside your shoes – don’t let that space go to waste!

Preplan Your Wardrobe

When it comes time to start packing take a moment to consider all of the events and activities of your trip.  This will help keep you from packing unnecessary items – if you’re not going to attend a cocktail party maybe you don’t need that dress. 

Another thing to consider is colour coordination.  Being mindful about how well items will match with each other can go a long way in mixing and matching your clothes.

Cross Pack

If you have a travel companion, it’s a great idea to split your items between both of your bags.  If one bag is delayed or lost at least you’ll still have some things to get you through until your bags arrive or you can make it to a store.

Put Essentials In Your Carry On

Of course we all know to put some snacks for the flight, medications, valuables and a change of clothes in our carry-on but there may be some other things to consider.  If you wear a hard to find size of shoes or clothes or have a favourite sweater be sure to place these items in your carry-on as well.   Many destinations have limited shopping options if your checked bag doesn’t make it.

Travelling With Kids? 

There are a few extra things to consider if your little ones are joining you.  In your (or their) carry-on you should have extra snacks and water (in sippy cups to avoid spills), a change of clothes for everyone in the family (again, the spills!) and plenty of books, activities and their tablets to keep them occupied. 

In Room Laundry

Pack a few laundry detergent pods or packs.   A quick sink or bathtub laundry session can greatly reduce the amount of clothes you need to pack!

Don't Forget Baggage Insurance 

Speak with your travel agent about your travel insurance options.  There are a variety of policies available that include baggage coverage which can be a life saver if anything is delayed, lost or stolen.  


Ready to start your next trip?  Reach out to our team to start planning!