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October 2020

Air Canada Makes Using eUpgrades Easier, More Rewarding for Aeroplan Members

Air Canada is introducing exciting new improvements to eUpgrades in advance of the relaunch of its Aeroplan program on November 8, 2020.  These improvements will make it easier for Air Canada Status members to use their eUpgrade credits, while improving the value and consistency of this market-leading benefit.

The eUpgrade improvements include:

Simplified eUpgrade Request Process – Beginning October 6, members can request upgrades when they book, or any time prior to check-in.  When seats are available, members will clear automatically within their upgrade clearance window.

Simplified eUpgrade Requirements – All Air Canada fare options will be eligible for eUpgrades, with the exception of Economy Basic fares. Plus, members will be able to upgrade all Aeroplan flight rewards. What's more, Air Canada has further simplified the eUpgrade requirements across its network, and in most cases reduced the credits and add-ons required for an upgrade.

eUpgrades for Companions – Beginning November 8, when seats are available, upgrade requests for companions traveling in the same reservation will clear with the priority of the member's Altitude status – including at the airport.

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WestJet's Statement on Seat Distancing

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WestJet invested quickly in hygiene and safety measures to mitigate the risk throughout the entire travel journey, investing millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, cleaning and additional measures to protect those who had to fly.

With a vaccine not yet produced, we are learning to live responsibly with the virus as it’s here with us for the foreseeable future. With the many safeguards and procedures implemented, we are certain travel can be undertaken safely while allowing for economies to begin growing again and putting Canadians back to work.

The blocked middle seat was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic before the myriad of safety measures were put in place and mandated on board. Our temporary distancing measures were enacted at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak to provide our guests who had to travel with the peace of mind while our extra hygiene measures were planned and implemented.

Seat distancing was one of the first measures we adopted temporarily before WestJet implemented:

• Transport Canada-mandated mask wearing for both employees and guests
• Transport Canada-mandated health questionnaire pre-boarding
• Electrostatic fogging on our aircraft
• Removal of all published material on board to reduce the risk of spread via contact
• Modifications to inflight service to reduce contact between guests and crew
• Non-contact temperature scanning at all our bases

Seat distancing was never intended to be in place permanently or throughout the pandemic. What makes an airplane, and the entire journey, safe is the layers of enhanced cleaning, the wearing of masks and the hospital-grade HEPA filters that remove 99.999 per cent of all airborne particles. The hygiene standards we have now are world-class and backed by industry experts.

We understand that there will be different levels of comfort or confidence with travel right now. We believe that we are doing all we can to ensure those who are comfortable with it can travel safely and responsibly on our aircraft.

Safety is above all, always.



Covid-19 Travel Plan with Uniglobe & Manulife

Effective October 1, 2020 - Uniglobe Travel and Manulife have partnered together to offer you some peace of mind when travelling during the pandemic.  

Now more than ever,  you will need travel insurance and the new Covid-19 Plan will be available to Canadians travelling in Canada and Internationally, including to countries with a Level 3 Travel Advisory.

Contact your Uniglobe Travel Advisor to get a quote on your next business or leisure trip.   Click here for more details